Home insurance

Your home is your life for you and your family. Homeowners insurance is extremely important to have. It will protect you financially if you suffer a loss on your home due to certain types of weather, fires, or theft.

There are many types of homeowners insurance. Whether you own a house, townhome, condo, apartment, or even a mobile home, there is a policy that is just right for you. Your agent will ask you the questions to help determine what kind of coverage is needed for your home. There are many different types of homeowners policies. There are certain perils included and certain perils excluded such as flooding (see Flood Policy), war, and even termites. Any questions you have regarding any inclusions or exclusions listed on your policy should be discussed with your agent before entering into the contract.

Like Auto Insurance, Home Insurance is also a term contract. Most home policy premiums are annually and can be paid either annually or monthly (fees may occur). The amount of your premium will depend on the amount of coverage needed to replace your home. Most insurers will charge a lower premium if it appears less likely that the home will be damaged or destroyed.

Here at Gray Insurance Agency, we will make sure you, your assets and your personal property are properly insured at a competitive price. We make it easy for you to find policies at lower prices without having to contact multiple companies yourself. We look forward to helping you with any or all of your insurance needs. For a free quote call us, stop by, or request a quote from our website today.